Custom Bio Fizzy Tabstm


Septic Fizzytabstm - Septic Tank Maintenance

Fizzy Tablets - Septic Fizzytabstm - Available world wide - direct from Manufacturer

Bio Fizzy Tabs - Septic Fizzytabstm - Available world wide - direct from Manufacturer

Marine Fizzytabstm - Toilet (head) Maintenance in Ships and Boats

RV Fizzytabstm - Toilet (holding tank) Maintenance in Recreational Vehicles

Suctionline Fizzytabstm - Vacuum Line Maintenance in Dental offices

Mop N Treattm - Restaurant, Bar and Office Drain Line and Odor Control

Mop Water Treatment - Mop N Treattm  - Available world wide - direct from Manufacturer

Drain Line Fizzytabstm - Drain Line Maintenance for homes

Pond Fizzytabstm - Ornamental Pond Maintenance

Odor Fizzytabstm - Odor Reduction product

BioChutetm - Fizzytabstm - Trash Chute and Dumpster Maintenance

More Custom Bio Fizzy tabstm  Products will be available next year.

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Brand Names and Uses for Custom Bio Fizzy tabstm

Custom Bio Fizzy tabstm are biologically active effervescent tablets.  The effervescent tablet quickly dissolves in water releasing, and mixing, billions of powerful bacillus bacteria spores, ready to become active and effective.

Custom Bio Fizzy tabstm contain bacteria endospores (spores) that remain dormant in the tablet.  Once dissolved in water, the spores will begin germination.  If the water has nutrients, and food, the bacteria spores will germinate and begin an active growth phase, multiplying rapidly and consuming the available food and nutrients.

This patent pending technology was developed by Custom Biologicals, Inc. in Deerfield Beach, Florida, USA!